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District 7 - January 2019

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Board of Commissioners - Three new Commissioners were appointed to the board this year and it was voted by a majority of commissioners to change the Commissioner meetings to the first Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. and the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. as the board bylaws state. This will allow a night meeting for the public who work in hopes they will attend meetings. All committees of the Board will be eliminated (Buildings & Lands, Public Health & Safety, Administration & Finance). This will save time of the committees making a motion, having to approve the same motion in Finance and then a third time at the regular monthly meeting. It will also allow for more transparency as issues will not go through committees and all Commissioners will be aware of the information before voting. Annual reports of Department Heads will be put online with no reports given orally repeating what is in report at board meetings to save time. It was approved that the Clerk will take minutes of ALL meetings as the Deputy Administrator was taking committee minutes. The agendas will be a joint effort of the Administrator, Clerk and Chair of board. Agenda and information is to be on County website by Friday at 3 p.m. for board meeting of following week. All liaison committees will still exist such as Road Commission, Planning Commission, Conservation District, Health Department, E911, etc. I was appointed to the following County committees for 2019: Road Commission, Planning Commission, Northern Lakes Economic Alliance Board, and Antrim County Community Collaborative.


Road Commission - will be hiring two truck drivers. They would like to have one work at the Mancelona shop and the other at the Central Lake shop. Two employees will be retiring this spring. The chip and seal company is scheduled for this summer. There are only two contractors who do this with heated oil. The contractor couldn’t fit all the projects into its schedule last summer. There is more county projects scheduled for this summer. Lots of road work is being planned for this summer by each township.


NLEA - Emmet County Commissioners made a formal decision to deny entering into a partnership agreement with NLEA so it will no longer be able to provide economic development services to companies and communities within Emmet County. After 10 months of discussions with Emmet County Staff and Commissioners, a letter was received from the County Administrator. The NLEA board was disappointed but respected the decision of the Emmet County Board and regretfully accepted their letter and decision. NLEA has provided companies, communities and residents of Emmet County for over 30 + years.


Intermediate Lake Levels - A RFP has been drawn up for consultants to do a model for a hydraulic study for the dam in Bellaire and a hydrology study on the lake levels. Intermediate Lake Association officers will contact all Chain of Lake trustees to see if can get a meeting together in January to move forward with a RFP to rectify the problem. The Operator of Dams will be a co-investigator in the development of a predictive model of the Elk Rapids Chain of Lakes.


American Waste Transfer Station - Administrator reported process for construction of the American Waste transfer station has begun. The well and septic have been approved and American Waste representatives have sent the Building Department the stamped drawings. They are hoping to break ground by end of December. DEQ has received permit application from American Waste for the transfer station in Warner Township on County property. Deadline for comment is January 11, 2019 and deadline for DEQ’s decision is March 18, 2019.


Facilities Space Needs Plan - Gosling Czubak was approved to do geotechnical services on the property near the animal shelter to see if a new jail could be built near that site for $5,300.



Airport - Majority of board directed Administrator to develop a report on the pros and cons and potential legal and financial implications of subcontracting non-management or not subcontracting airport employees. The contract for a subcontracted airport employee with Gaylord ARFF, Inc. has been extended for another 90 days. There is currently a grievance filed on the County by a union airport worker which is moving forward to arbitration over this subcontracted employee.


Timber Sale - Unanimous board approval to execute a timber sale agreement with Silverleaf Sawmill on a portion of the County-owned property, marked by the County Forester, known as the “Alba Road Forest Area” for $31,200 contingent on receiving the proper certificate of insurance.


Remonumentation Grant - The board unanimously approved the Administrator sign the application for the 2019 survey and remonumentation grant totaling $44,800 and submit the application. It was decided to let the Program Administrator to execute the grant No. BCC 19-05 with the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.


East Jordan Downtown Development Authority - the proposal for a pedestrian bridge project proposal is at https://youtube/ZKjmiiAVjHc. In 2018 the DDA set a priority to improve pedestrian and multi-modal connections from the east side of town to increasing development on the west side of town. DDA will focus on improvements to the bridge over the Jordan River on M-32 as well as relocating the City Boat Launch to create pocket park space on the current site. The “Joining Jordan” project evolved into the creation of a Public Waterfront Pocket Park and Boardwalk, multi modal traffic improvements along the M-32 Bridge Corridor, and a Pedestrian Bridge, Pavilions, and Boardwalk Linear Park utilizing the existing maintenance weir, while also marketing the site as a priority redevelopment site with the Redevelopment Ready Communities program.


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