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District 7 - July 2018

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Alba Hwy. - The road is paved. It still needs guard rails and it will be done.


Set Cost Share Amount Allocation - Both the County road improvement cost share policy and requests for road improvements and guidelines for construction policy were approved. The Road Commission has estimated it should be receiving $900,000 from the state to put towards repairs received by the end of the year.


Burt said starting 2019 to get roads repaved/repaired he needs to know by October of the previous year (this year for next year) and then the township road will be done within two years.


Mount Bliss repaving work is completed. Part was in Echo Township and Jordan Township. I informed Burt it would be nice to have done before the road millage in August so he was aware. Looks like they did a great job and no mention of township having t


Burt said Adams Road can be fixed with a shoulder put in at the end of Bill Nichols driveway for a fee.


Broadband - Northern Lakes Economic Alliance is forming a broadband consortium within a four county region to get better internet access as well as cut prices where it is currently available. The county board approved of the concept to join the consortium and the alliance has an attorney to draw up the bylaws.


Antrim Grass River Natural Area - is working on replacing the old Tamarack trail with a new boardwalk.


Antrim Conservation District - The Director (Tom Clements) has quit his position. Megan Chase who is an employee of ACD will be taking over the recycling project for the County. Discussion came up about ACD paying for fences around the current recycling areas. I was told if a township would want bins they can get some. (Just so you are aware).


Facilities Master Plan - A few plans have been presented. The plans will be narrowed down to a few for the public to see. There will be a public forum on the plan decided by the County Board on Monday, August 6th at 6:30 p.m. at Meadowbrook.


RAVE - a presentation was given to local schools to show how to set up an account for the Smart 911 so they could encourage people within the schools to do this. It was suggested from this meeting that schools need more training on this. It was also discovered that this software can do more than what it is currently doing. Public Safety committee is in discussions on how to use it for other options.


Emergency Management Services - A role play emergency exercise will take place at Meadowbrook on October 13th to practice in case an emergency would happen people are prepared. People are needed for this exercise.


Volunteers are needed to be on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Training is required to help out for CERT. 12 more people are needed in case of an emergency the County will have enough volunteers to be trained and help out. Call Leslie Meyers at 231 533 6569 if interested.


Airport - There was discussion to contract all services at the County airport for five years with a 2 % increase to Bellaire Ground Services. The vote tied so it stands as is. A grievance was filed by the union on this issue.


American Waste Transfer Station - The sitting committee for this solid waste transfer station was appointed. The committee has had one meeting. I am the Chair of the committee with Burt Thompson as the Vice-Chair. There are a few things that don’t agree with the county solid waste plan. These issues will be looked into and discussed. One issue is the snowmobile trail.


Water levels on Intermediate Lake - Legal council gave his opinion on maintaining the lake water levels. A special meeting will be held to discuss this issue with legal counsel and the dam operator.


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