Antrim County - District 7

Dawn Lavanway - 231-631-1840 -

September 2017

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September 2017


Jordan River- The project is done.Road Commission won an award for this project which will be presented at the annual CRA meeting on October 20th.

Road Commission- There is a bill from Green River Construction for the dry hydrant.It is for $5149.Burt also said he would fix the corner of Mt. Bliss and Carson Rd. with cold patch now there are lines painted on the road and there isnít much of a road.I will keep on this.

Master Space Needs Facilities Assessment-It was decided after a special board meeting to do a master space needs facilities assessment instead of just a space needs plan for the County building.A special meeting will be held near the end of October for the purpose of interviewing companies to perform a master space needs facility assessment.

Conservation District-The contract with the Antrim Conservation District for recycling is still being negotiated.

American Waste Transfer Station-the contract is still being negotiated.

Deputy Administrator-Janet Koch has resigned as the Deputy Administrator.She took a job at NLEA in Boyne City as the community development coordinator.The Deputy Administrator position has been posted.

2018 Budget-Commissioners have met working on the 2018 budget.The October County Board meeting will have a public hearing on it before it is officially approved.

Medical Investigator-County is looking for a medical investigator to work with the Medical Examiner Dewey Benson.

Equilization Department-a reorganization plan has been put in place to approve the creation of a residential appraiser position effective October 1st.This will change the Clerk II position to residential appraiser.It was also requested to hire a part-time clerk starting on January 1, 2018.

Banks Township Historical Society-a letter of commendation was sent to Shirley Tornga who donated a 100 year old stone house to the Banks Township Historical Society.A special dinner is planned regarding this.