New news! Jordan Township is hiring someone to build a new webpage!!!! Why???? Because of their inability or lack of knowledge about websites and Technology??? It's the clerks job!!! The entire previous web page is backed up on a thumb drive and the Clerk's laptop. All they have to do is actually PAY this time for another address and upload. Make a few minor changes. Why is the Township now OUTSOURCING all the Treasuers and Clerks responsibilities?????? Previously EVERYTHING fell under the Clerk responsibilities. Now it appears that it would be so much better financially for the tax payers to just outsource the entire board if they are getting a salary to just pay others to fulfill the duties they are already paid to do. Maybe it's time to do out with the OLD and in with the NEW!!! Unless the tax payers want to continue to pay to outsource the boards responsibilities????? I was told there wasn't any money for classes, raises, or to do just about anything. It would now seem that as long as you are family, the money flows without any accountability. Someone should look into conflicts of interest and ethics for Michigan government employees and add up all the violations being overlooked. Read the Township meeting minutes for months about how they wouldn't PAY for this website. It expired so I purchased legally and wouldn't be active now anyway. ery To If you work in Jordan Township you will be allowed to HACK into a personal email registered in your name and Antrim county won't do anything about it!!! That's a fact and the truth. 7&4 upnorth news should investigate those facts and how you get personal protection from the Sheriff since you have zero integrity and want to tell less behind a keyboard, but face to face you need protection little boy. Show your domain certificate to the public if you didn't let the site expire!!! it's really that simple. Instead you said "they are too stupid our don't care". that's how they hey away with doing illegal accounting of tax payers